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Podcast from a painter….

“Memories of childhood are expertly created by Amanda Jackson who tells Tim Saunders about her passion for high quality oil paints and hog brushes. But if she comes across inferior paints she’ll find a use for them…” If, like me, you enjoy a good podcast conversation then please do dive[…]

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Hard times come and go

Uncertainty and isolation are daunting, but don’t forget that there is always someone who cares. Bears can represent that inner strength and companionship for the journeys we make when we feel alone. You’re never alone when you have a bear to cuddle. Chin up. Bear is here.

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Where should Chester travel to?

Chester is travelling, but where should he go? Comment with your suggestions for places for Chester to visit (and why he should go there), I will post a sketch of Chester visiting the destination he likes best from your suggestions . Where should Chester go????

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