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How will your grand-children remember you?

Family Treasure they will always keep…..

Having a grandchild is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, you never take for granted those little moments like their first smile of recognition of you, their mini milestones and unique characters. Perhaps you are able to spend relaxed, unhurried time with them, without the time restraints you had when your children were small.

When it comes to special occasions, like their Christening or naming ceremony, first Christmas and first birthday you might wonder what to give them…. after all, it would be ideal if it was something with relevance, real value and a memento of you to take right through life – even to hand on to their children in time. It’s almost impossible to imagine just happening on the very thing that encompasses your hopes, wishes, wisdom and love for them, but you could commission it.

Book Bears with titles chosen by you

Think of the best books you ever read in your youth, something you shared with your children and would love to read again with your grandchildren too. Great narratives become significant within families, in jokes like “I put it in the wardrobe and the lion ate it” or “it fell off my broomstick” become part of shared family humour. Using great titles, a family name, even a saying or quote that you all recognise is the perfect way to make a very personal statement. Combine this with an image of constant companionship – a classic bear – beautifully painted by an artist who is known for this work and widely collected and you have yourself an investment, a personal gesture, and an object of family treasure that can be appreciated at any age. Add a note on the back detailing the occasion and everything comes together beautifully.

“I am so happy we went for it as it as gift for his first birthday – it will outlive all of us, will hopefully be passed on in the family and isn’t a plastic toy that will gather dust. “

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